5F15 - Girly Edition
Lisa becomes anchor for a new news program for kids, with help from Bart, Nelson and Milhouse. Bart's on camera presence gets him upgraded to co-anchor. After he overhears his sister calling him stupid, Bart seeks some advice from Kent Brockman on how to be an anchor. He follows Brockman's advice and begins covering human interest stories that make him popular and Lisa jealous. Bart pretends to be emotional about people's problems. Meanwhile, Homer gets a helper monkey named Mojo.
Marge and the monkey do not see eye-to-eye. The monkey gets lazy and fat after hanging out with Homer. Marge demands that Homer give him back before he dies. Meanwhile, Lisa devises a plan to expose Bart for being a phony. Bart ends up at a junkyard, where Willie attempts to kill him for earlier destroying his home. Lisa saves the day by using the same phony rhetoric that makes Bart so popular.
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